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OwnersNext Academy & Mastermind

Exit Strategy & Transition Planning

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The Program to help your company Take-Off

Only one in a hundred small businesses reach ten million in revenue. If you are approaching ten million, then you have the potential to take off.

Historically, Owners/Founders need to make important personal shifts in the way they think about their business.

In this program, you will be provided a comprehensive collection of key content to equip you for change. And, you get the benefit of peer-to-peer meetings to share ideas and concerns with like minded, successful leaders.

Delivered and developed by business leaders and entrepreneurs who have been in your shoes. 

Business Advisors and Exit Planning Experts

Coaching, Consulting, and Advising

Our team can provide you with dedicated support for strengthening and growing your business.

Rich Hall, CEPA, provides specific exit planning and continuity coaching to enhance the value of your business. If you are looking to exit the business, a solid plan is essential to optimize and maximize the value you realize from any closing transaction. 

Lane Sloan and Doug Thorpe can provide other business advisory services, leadership development, and strategic planning.

Leadership Development

Executive Coaching and Leadership Development

“Management is about Process – Leadership is about People.”

“People join companies, but quit bad Bosses.”

Knowing what it means to be a better leader takes training and development.  Our team of experienced leaders can provide you and your management team with the ability to up-level your impact as leaders for your business. With a custom tailored development plan, we can assess your current situation using popular and effective tools.

Then we can shape an approach to help you achieve measurable results.